© 2008 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. Arrival of the crew, walking down the ramp to the seaplane docks Sup Dan Shadowing the docks The big kid on the block, Artie Dad on the left and his band of villians First seaplane arrives Yea, I'm here too Seaplane two swims up Bros 2 and 3 Profiling You're number one And you be two Our pilot trying to pretend we're not lost Dan Frontier mountains out the leftside Unexplored islands out the rightside Me Bro 1, Artie loving being wedged into the middle seat Backseat gangstas Thug life The last of the seaplanes, leaving us behind Welcoming crew Running dog Give me that Bald eagle on the lower branch Bald eagle on the upper branch Our view from the back balcony Bald eagles on the same branch Rollin out in the morning Let's get'em Rollo from the Deadliest Catch Rollo close Switching to water in the earlier hours Riding the rail The first wave came in mad time 15 silver salmon, 1 halibut Nothing trophy about this catch, but still some beautiful fish