© 2010 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. Architect Paolo Soleri begain building this concept of urban living in 1970 Nice type recently added to the entrance Through working on a huge ceramics installation Soleri begain creating these bronze windbells These windbells can be seen throughout Arcosanti Part of the student internship is to help produce these works of art for the gift shop Visitors entrance Circular openings to the sky Lots of windbells Looking down into the cafe A closer look at the range of materials, formed cement, fabric cushions, paneled wood The foundry enclosure was made in the same way the windbells were Here in the foundry, lots of ceramic studies at play Forms, moulds and castings Ceramic detailing The foundry, facing south The roof lines created to capture rain, and the skylights allow sun in the winter and easy covered in warm summers Entrance and patio for one of the artists studios The commons, or meetup area Clean lines Roof joining detail Outdoor theatre Textures of the resident studios The side and back of the theatre, built-in seating - perfect for catching some rays Looking back towards the river valley Paolo's personal residence is above and next to the greenhouse Decorative ceramic tiles Windows in the round Where the bronze is poured, the second foundry The main entrance and cafe below Veranda B, exploring her hippy side Huge glass windows keep the indoor spaces warm in the winter months Loving the roundness build into these concrete structures