© 2010 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. a tour group heads out to the edge flag around the rim is prohibited american astronaut wall of fame in the back a window to the sky type directory tourist brandie hitting the steps the holsinger meteorite meteorite detail sight to the bottom accessory model NASA has used this crater to conduct many spacewalk tests textures of moon rock overlooking the crater from above beauty smug girl shows the sign of peace - or is that 'take me to your leader' highest point for as long as you can see amazing to think that a piece of space rock flew out of the sky and crashed into the earth beautful sky day over a flat land making up the crater's edge zigging back out the freeway on a bench heading to the lookout post ROWR from left to right looking across to the 'raised strata' overlooking the crater's flats viewing area looking back up towards the sky sun shades guess this used to be called 'kaibab sandstone'? was a quiet day for visitors love the rock wall still not wide enough to get the edge to edge shot up to moon mountain the white rock piles atop moon mountain flying the stars and stripes nature junkies the crater was used as a location in the 1984 film Starman, starring Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen out across the arizona desert best view ever NASA astronaut monument apollo test capsule framed