© 2010 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. Heading north just past the Petrified Forest National Park, I'm calling this area Natural Park. Seems like everywhere I travel, so do the crows, this one seemed friendly Long stretches of pavement cutting through high desert and layered hills Sage and horizon lines Such dramatic contrast of the road, the hills and the sky Banded teepees A beautiful sky stretching up towards the northwest Clouds hovering over this cinder-shaped pile of sediments Beginning to fall into the shadows of late afternoon A pile of rocks thrown across the landscape by nature's continual change B, taking a closer look at the drawings on the sides of these rocks Ha, just as we were scoping the scapes, this ranger had rounded up some hikers not minding the PROTECTED AREA signs, busted. Closer rock profile The rangers of a new era Here's what we were peeping through that scope, nice works of the Puerco Indians Looking back over the land to the east More rock carvings These are my favourite in the area, Puerco Indian Petroglyphs, dating back to 1000 A.D. Clear signs of habitation at some point our earth's history Something about the desert continues intrigue me, venturing back in time High clouds move in as the bright Arizona sun begins to lower back towards the edge of the earth Remains of a Puerco Pueblo, overlooks the river, one of 100 rooms built around an open plaza Amazing craftsmanship and use of local materials B, surveying the area with her camera, yep - she's a great sharp shooter Not a desert, more of a grassland Our rental car, aptly named Pokey basks in the warm rays of sunset just near historic Route 66. Built in 1926 it runs from Chicago to LA He likes to sit and watch the clouds drift across the clear blue sky