© 2010 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. Leaving the Petrified Forest heading to the Painted Desert Most beautiful co-pilot ever Trekking across historic Route 66, sun beginning to drop A Spanish explorer is rumored to have named the area "El Desierto Pintado" (The Painted Desert). Standing on the edge of the badlands, the hills seem to be painted with the colors of the sunset A land of fossils Soft flowing cliffs of red On a cool clear day, the view is endless If I were to imagine a Jurassic scene, this would serve as some great inspiration Pokey, rollin to the edge, pew-pew Dinos once wandered these lands Did someone lose their hat? Just as the sun connects with the distant horizon the sky is washed in warmth Looking back towards the east as the sun begins to disappear behind us Last chance for a view Mister rabbit finds a quick chance in the quiet of dusk to find a bite to eat Enjoying the sunset alongside us The Painted Desert Inn The red of the hills is accentuated by the colours in the sky Darkness begins to sweep in as the hills unwind and rest Pokey, bringing the light in the darkness Amazing views in all directions The colours fading from orange to purple to violet, outlining the surrounding trees Officially this is all part of the Petrified Forest National Park Common shapes seen in a new light Heading back to Sedona along historic Route 66 A few final rays of daylight