© 2008 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. Big Basin is where the Pacific Redwoods call home Stadium seating, awaiting their final resting place in front of the theater All redwoods have a soft 'bark' A HUGE tree hugger Local squirrel keeping a lookout for the next free meal Yep, you know I headed straight up inside So if you're into dead animals and replacing their insides with cotton, this is the place California State Park Rangers rollin the white Dodge pickem up trucks This tree was born in 544 AD, same time my Daddy was, that old man Old BPTK, Big Basin Redwoods Tex A short hike with a long history B&E in front of the Queen of the Forest Planning his next attack The Queen of the Forest stands 329feet tall Forest nymph part ii Fibrous bark of an old redwood The result of lightning hitting this redwood during a common winter storm Standing in the center, this was not a small tree That stylin girl Inside the charred tree Sneaking B Are you a carpenter? Is that JC? Lazy tree spotter This is the end of the trail Lower trunk of the Mother of the Forest, she is almost 15feet across Let me see you dance sucka When cats attack Deer eyes I like big trees and I cannot lie Small in comparison