© 2009 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. Brandie the master-tracker looks for some signs of recent footprints Or maybe a sign would work too? 'Yep, we are here.' Beauty captured under the redwood's filtered light I like trees. And lots of them. Amazing textures. Benched. 'Hmmm. I heard tree-thieves fall from the sky around here. Need to keep an eye out.' Catchin up with mother nature Small B Taking in all the smalls and talls Tree-thieves not welcome In July this pond was full of moss, not water Step in, step out Baby redwood hiding in there, waiting to find the perfect spot Not sure who would drink from here, but thankfully this sign was here pew, pew, pew eucalyptus seed capsule, redwood cone, douglas fir cone bam Hmmm, seems like those damn tree cutters are around here somewhere 'I got somethin for them.' 'Not in my hood.' Eucalyptus 1 2 3 bark! Yea, we're talking some big trees