© 2009 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. After an interesting cab ride from a proud Hawaiian elder, we finally arrive inside the Diamond Head crater Thin clouds dotting the sky Enveloped in nature's favourite shade of green Tunnel silhouette on the way up A view from halfway up the crater's rim, 'the whale' sits on the horizon, created by a distant formation This trail winds over uneven rock, ascends 74 steps, then through a tunnel and up another steep 99 steps. These are the 99. Making my way up Handprints of earth subtly dot the walls Making it to the top Not quite a reward for climbing the 99 stairs, one is faced with this spiral case The first view from a bunker perched at the top of the rim Shrouded by over-growth An amazing stretch of beach as Waikiki hits the Pacific, Kapiolani Park in the foreground Secret beach on the left and some condos with epic views on right A view of the bunker from below Diamond Head Lighthouse perched on the hill just below Climbing out from the bunker's overlook Taking in the view, enjoying the cool breeze A panoramic view from the rim, showing the inside of the cone, Fort Ruger at the left, where the trail begins BPTK, Diamond Head Always searching for new places to explore A pano of Waikiki Beach Not sure anyone really needs a sign to remind them, that if you jump, you will fall Snap, snap Local texture Some prime realty B&E Diamond Head Sexy hair What vintage is this island? Yellow sky Cloud girl Railing art Cloudscape Looking down on the Diamond Head Lighthouse Cloud shadows Spying Brandie Ready to begin the descent Beauty shot No ghosts Top holiday activity: hiking Power follows us everywhere Nature portrait MMM pineapple We just climbed that, if you look closely at the tallest peak you can see the platform Pineapple face, inspired by i-D The road leading in The tunnel into and out of the crater INspired