© 2009 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. Morinda citrifolia, known as noni in Hawaii, flowers and fruits all year round. Also has a very 'unique' smell about them Palm branch B standing in front of a grass roofed A-frame My tiki pose Our first honu sighting of the trip, finally poking his head above water Honu lookout Recreating around the sanctuary Mini tiki This huge rock wall, built sometime in the 1500's, is constructed of dry masonry and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, It's solid Carved statues or ki'i guard this sacred place Tall wooden fences were created as only royalty were allowed to access this cove People who had been sentenced to death for breaking kapu (local law) fled to this sanctuary to seek refuge Apparently a difficult place to swim to Stand of palms Lunch for a travelling seagull Posh Brandie During low-tide small pools of water are trapped Searching for honu Beached on some rocks, time for an afternoon nap Sleeping honu Two honu Finding some peace This is the place for honu, one last spotting of the day