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starting the morning at La Fournee

serving coffee roasted nearby in the Yucatan

handcrafted colour

open but closed, Tulum flavour interior

always keep an eye out

steps near the entrance of Coba

Mayan ballgame court, held as ritual events, often featuring human sacrifice

Mayan explorers

building with stone

jungle kids

wow, I'm in the shot too, impressive

drawing it out for Mick

from one graphic designer to the next

the beehive

get a lift even in the jungle

balance and form, B on a rock

neon tree

clearing in the jungle, the Ixmoja pyramid

view from the top over the jungle

happy to complete the climb

where you going B?

a light rain in the distance, surveying the flat land surrounding

Mick, Marisol, Brandie, Ede – atop the Ixmoja pyramid

master masonry

these people again, adventure time

achieving that inner peace we all require

not as easy as it looks

summoning her inner Mayan