© 2008 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. On our way to Coit Tower the cat wanted to do her shopping thing Ah, a view of the TransAmerica building from the top of the hill A few more stairs to the front door of Coit Some fog makes an early appearance for a dramatic sky - Golden Gate peeking out in the back A distant Golden Gate Up on top, heading for the front door Alcatraz chillin in the Bay The fog begins to break apart, showing some blue sky From the front steps My photo chicka Treasure Island connected by the Bay Bridge TansAmerica from the top of Coit Tower Best place to kiss: Top of Coit Tower Sutro Tower making an appearance Looking out over Fisherman's Wharf Alcatraz being surrounded by vessels of the sea Hi Brandie Me, Ede Bay Bridge, towards Oakland Locked Lovers Posers Circular park A great place for a match From the top of Coit Tower Coins lining the window sills Open roof Arched windows Rurals from times past Sillos on the wall Stretching across the Bay Robotico As evening begins, the statue of Columbus falls into the shadows The big ball of fire just behind the Gate Profiling in front of Coit Tower as the day draws to a close