© 2008 Ede Schweizer, All rights reserved.   Made in California.  Built to scroll right. In order to make it up and back down this 5mile trail, an early start is a must - this photo was taken just after 6.30am Our first sight of Angel's Landing from Refrigerator Canyon Still in shade and a bit chilled, but gonna get hot The sun beginning to heat the canyon Up to the top of this peak is about 1600 vertical feet along with a sweet 360-degree view of Zion Hi, I'm heading up to the top today and right now I'm cold Just a few people on the trail in front of us Looking back across the canyon still shaded My rock climbing beauty stretching in the morning rays At this point the trail is steep and parts of it are paved for safety and durability - pretty amazing this trail even exists Born to hike and smiling as the steepness increases Looking back over where we came from, but now it's in full sun A series of switchbacks below us Rock overhangs Sedimentary rock layers creating mini terrains Carved by time Faces in the wall of rock Sedimentary rock detail Deep texture Hydration Rocks The rock Scratched All in perfect balance Painted tree Lucky tree Split tree On the edge, about a 1300ft drop a few inches away Pretty kitty Taking in the excellent view, clean air and amazing location Shootin like the wind Whoa, don't step too far back BPTK, top of Angel's Landing Views from the top The lower part of Zion Canyon Prosperous More layers A look down to the Virgin River and one of the bus stops - amazing framing The depth and grandeur of Zion is no joke, love it here Just like a scene from another planet With all life, there is death - an old soul lies to rest Rooted only in the cracks of this rock face Natural symmetry Checking out how far I will fall if I slip or decide to jump, jk Made for each other B on Walters Wiggles and counting the number of switchbacks, 23 If I stay here long enough will I become part of this wall? Overlook, back down the same way we came up This was an epic hike, just about 5 hours later we reach the downgrade and the lower part of Angel's Landing